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Meet Jessica 

Integrative Nurse Coach and Health Advocate

Jessica Tulloss has a diverse background in nursing and healthcare that spans nearly 20 years.  She has worked in a variety of different nursing specialties including active-duty military nursing in the U.S. Air Force.


Jessica has always believed in a holistic approach to health and healing (body, mind, spirit).  She became passionate about integrative coaching after struggling through her own issues as a nurse and business owner. The frequent life transitions that came with being a military family and her recurrent health-related issues only seemed to worsen her situation. 


Helped by other nurse coaches, she learned to navigate life differently and has since worked to help others in areas such as improving performance, adjusting to life transition and life balance issues, as well as improving overall health and wellbeing.


Jessica is a Registered Nurse with a Masters degree in Public Health and is a graduate of the International Nurse Coach Association's  Integrative Nurse Coach Program.


She resides in the Greater Atlanta area with her husband, and youngest son.




 Integrative Nurse Coaching 

We've all found ourselves "stuck" at one time or another as it relates to career, life circumstances, or our overall health and wellness. Perhaps we're in transition, contemplating a change, or just determined to make one. Perhaps we aren't feeling our "best self." We know we can get there, but can't seem to see past your current situation. At worst, it can leave us feeling lost and overwhelmed- constantly stuck in our own head making it difficult to move forward.
  Jessica uses her rich background and nursing experience along with integrative tools and practices that help inspire you to tap into your own internal motivation. Together, you will explore new possibilities and new strategies as you work towards powerful changes that help you reach your highest potential in health and healing.

The True Course Coaching Difference 


We take a whole-person approach to coaching that respects the interconnectedness of mind, body, spirit, and community. We embrace the innate healing capacity within each person.  


We regard our clients as the ultimate experts in their own lives as they identify their own priorities and areas for change . We work together with them to rediscover strengths and allow space for self-discovery and exploration.  Together, we set goals and work through various obstacles and limiting beliefs.


We are preventive, proactive, and forward-thinking, tapping into each individual's strengths to facilitate powerful, sustainable changes towards one's life goals. An Integrative Nurse Coach is not a therapist and does not attempt to "fix" the client's problems or perceived weaknesses. Instead, we support the client's inner wisdom and innate abilities.


  As part of our holistic approach, we utilize a variety of tools and strategies to enhance success such as awareness practices, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, guided imagery, and other energy techniques.  


Private Health Advocacy

 Healthcare can be a difficult and overwhelming journey.  As a Private Health Advocate, Jessica works closely with individuals and caregivers to support and promote their health-related interests. This positively impacts health and safety outcomes and helps to ease overwhelming feelings such as confusion, fear, anxiety, and frustration.
 Jessica draws on her extensive experience and training as a Patient Safety Nurse to help clients as they research new diagnoses and treatment options, explore alternative and complementary therapies, and make sense of their current medical situations. She can assist with translating complex medical language into simple terms, and she can also serve as your second eyes and ears at important medical appointments and hospitalizations.


Kind words from clients

 "I really liked a guided meditation Jessica shared with me as I believe it helped me to see some things clearly and I occasionally use it to find clarity in other situations.  I can also say that I was able to get moving on my projects again and that I am staying in the solution instead of wallowing in the self-doubt… I feel like I am staying in an action mode throughout all areas of my life which has greatly enriched my overall happiness and quality of life. I've had a lot of opportunities recently that I would not have had otherwise."

—  Jessica L.


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